100 days commitment

It's the 11th of June 2019, now several months of experiments lie behind me, in which I tried to change my life and be more satisfied with it.

Way too many times so far I have only talked and done nothing.

All too often I have lost the motivation for my plans.

But this changes from now on.

One hundred days lie ahead of me, one hundred days that will explicitly change my life.

To achieve success at the end of the 100 days there is a concrete simple rule, to show up and stick to it.

Hereby I commit myself publicly for 100 days to pursue the following goals

  • Sweating every day (#100DAYSOFSWEAT inspired by Yes Theory)
  • To read every day
  • To take me at least an hour every day for myself
  • To write and document every day
  • To smile at least once every day
  • Seeking discomfort every day
  • To feed myself every day in a way that makes me feel most comfortable
  • Every day sleep is seen as an enrichment and aspire to get enough
  • To learn at least one new thing every week
  • To strive for digital minimalism every day
  • To meet a new person every week
  • To be grateful every day for the people and circumstances around me
  • To inspire at least one person every week
  • Take responsibility every day

I know that sounds a lot now, but I've been experimenting with the things I want to achieve for over 100 days.

I will publish updates regularly and force myself to do so in a positive way.

It's not unlikely that this will be another experiment from me, yet at the end of the 100 days I will see a change in whatever way.

I am happy to get feedback from you


Maximilian Jendrall

Maximilian Jendrall

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