The Power Of Visualization

Humans trust very strongly in the sense of seeing. Mostly seeing something means believing something and drawing conclusions from what is seen.

I would like to show you how to use this very useful trait to motivate, focus and make you feel better.

Now what is visualization?

By visualization, in this case, you can understand the ability of a person to simulate the impulses of a sense, all in their brain. You are probably wondering why I am trying to reimagine such a simple thing, but you will see why.

Imagination is usually underestimated.

Yes, heard correctly, most people underestimate the usefulness and the possibilities that it brings to us to have the ability to simply imagine things. And yet our imagination triggers mostly the same feelings and reactions in our brain. You probably know this yourself when you imagine yourself embarrassing yourself in front of people who are important to you. Such a visualization triggers uneasiness in your brain and you probably feel a little worse because your brain generates emotions as if it had happened to you.

Visualization for your advantage

So to use this ability of the body it should be relatively clear that a simple reversal of such negative thoughts can be used. About a month ago I started to only take 2 minutes a day to visualize my greatest dreams and desires in my mind. I did the same when I didn't know for what I was doing the thing I was working on. In such moments I just imagined how exactly this one thing would give me an incredible opportunity in a few years, no matter if it is realistic or not.

Are your dreams worth 30 seconds?

So what prevents you from using 30 seconds a day for your dreams? Just give it a try and visualize a perfect future for yourself. It doesn't have to be something carved into the stone, but something that makes you feel good. Imagine exactly what emotions you will feel and what goals you will have achieved. In most cases, this feeling you imagine will arise and make you feel good.

Today a slightly shorter article, I hope you liked it nevertheless and I am happy about any feedback.

Maximilian Jendrall

Maximilian Jendrall

I like this, very good!
Written by Anonymous on April 16, 2020

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