We need to talk about the future of the YesFam

This article is addressed to the movement around the community of YesTheory, which has been welcoming me from the very beginning in a warm and friendly way and with whom I have been able to experience several events and adventures.

Great people, great ideas, creative individuals. Apart from the fact that in these difficult times, all events have been cancelled and the family can (and should!) only meet digitally, you can still see that the YesFam is growing daily and that we share our common values across the networks.

What makes me a little bit worried is that the YesFam is only seen as a movement around the YesTheory (much love to them). In the meantime an independent community has formed that operates outside of this circle and includes people who only share the vision and values but don't watch YesTheory. And with YesTheory commercializing the community (nothing bad, I don't want to stop them), there have also been questions within the community about how this will continue.

I think we can make so much more out of this community than just being a YouTube community and being semi-organized. Basically, the goal, which has become more and more apparent to me, is that we are all looking for people who bring a philanthropic, i.e. people-loving and empowering mindset.

There are a bunch of people whose lives have been completely changed by the people they have met and the experiences they have had through the YesFam, and who have definitely rediscovered the joy and will to live for themselves.

We are people who, no matter how diverse the community may be, try to find similarities and unity, and to live out our freedom in being able to communicate and make friends with people all over the world.

This community needs a real foundation, a way of moving forward that supports it without commercial interests and honestly brings it forward. Although we already have our very strong event managers and group leaders in all regions, we still don't have the possibility to build it up properly with order. I think it is time for the WWYF. 

The idea of the Worldwide YesFam is to create a legally valid open non-profit organization that operates on an international level and officially supports the YesFam.

It's good that we have all our independent bodies and I think it should stay that way, especially with the local groups. But what I don't think is that it's a healthy basis for an expanding community that is taking on such a large scale is if it 

  1. builds on a corporate base and 
  2. builds itself up in a disorganized way.

Now there is the possibility to build up a decentralized community together, which exists independent of any national conflicts, crises and prejudices in order to strengthen this wonderful community. I have thought a lot more about the structure of such an organization. In a few day I will publish the public manifesto if you want to read more about that.

And of course this is a subject that involves the community, does the need even exist beyond my contact groups or am I completely wrong? What do you think of the overall idea?

Let me know!

Maximilian Jendrall

Maximilian Jendrall

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